Rain On Water


Endless repercussions of arcs and ellipses. Like snowflakes, ever repeating, never alike.

This series is a plea for rain in a droughtful region. If I could dance, I would; I paint my invocation instead. And in the painting, surprises everywhere: focus in on one small corner of the pond, the puddle, the reflections, and look at that—a fish, a stone, a splash-back. Revelations.

TEA GARDEN,  1904  oil on canvas  6×20′   commission for John D. Spreckels community center, Coronado CA

ONE FISH, TWO FISH oil on canvas 48 x 36″ available

BETWEEN DROPS oil on canvas 40 x 50″ available

DROWNED TEMPLE oil on canvas 48 x 36″ available

MIRAGE oil on canvas 50 x 40″ available

HOPE AND REVELATION oil 48 x 48″ available

HARMONIC MOTION oil on canvas 36 x 48″  SOLD

LIQUID GOLD oil on canvas 36 x 48″ available

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