SOFT LANDING oil on linen 12 x 12″ available


Strolling down the beach on a still day, blowing bubbles and watching them bounce as they landed along the strings of footprints. Went looking for the perfect bare print to land a bubble on. But human ones, even children’s prints, dwarfed my bubbles. (Besides, there was something so Robinson-Crusoe-finds-Friday about that… ) I just kept on, blowing bubbles to see which way the air was moving, watching for the detritus of the tide: gull prints and kelp strands, seaweed, shells, and abandoned sand toys.

And then there appeared a string of big, perfect paw prints. I blew bubbles until one crossed the path of that print, dragging its rainbow shadow across it. I thought of all the dog walks that beach has seen, all the quiet, solitary strolls with that ideal companion. Now memorialized with a beautiful bubble for scale (and for fun).


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  1. Reply
    cree April 28, 2015

    Very poetic…sounds like a very inspiring type of project.
    Continue on your path.

    • Reply
      Bronle Crosby May 3, 2015

      Thanks, Cree. No worries, I am on the path to find out…

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