Dew on Webs


Dew on Webs series: Brown widow and orb-weaver spiders’ nightly architecture drapes leaf and twig, fencepost and vine. In stacks of old photos, I unearthed many snaps of those galactic swirls and light-struck meshes, drops of captured dew glittering like no other prey. I took the hint.

Painting these webs, focus was key; where does the eye go, where does it settle? Dew drops – points of light – the web’s center? Yes, and yes, and yes.

 Dew on Webs: sunrise seen through a spider web in front of a hedge
OVER THE HEDGE  oil on canvas  30 x 40″ available

 Dew on Webs: flys' eye view of a spider web
FLY OVER oil on canvas 30 x 40″  SOLD

Dew on Webs: dewy spider web by moonlight
SEQUIN NOVA oil on canvas 30 x 40″  SOLD

 Dew on Webs: captured raindrops on spider web
SLICE OF SKY  oil on canvas  30 x 40″  SOLD

Dew on Webs: after the rain drops on spider web taupe background
CONSEQUENCE OF RAIN  oil on canvas  36 x 48″  SOLD

Dew on Webs: strands of spider web with dew pink flowering hedge in background
FASCINATIN’ RHYTHM  oil on canvas  24 x 30″ available

Dew on Webs: dewy web on streptocarpus plant
CONSTELLATION  oil on canvas  24 x 30″ available

Dew on Webs: morning dew on orb weavers' spider web
DEW DROPS ON  oil on canvas  36 x 36″ available