Just a soap bubble? I don’t think so. I see added magic for even the most beautiful setting: a breath made visible as a swirling, rainbow orb. The sun catches it, making its transparent edges into prisms. Makes me hold my next breath, waiting for it to catch a breeze before it explodes into a shower of rainbow drops.

The beach may not need accessories, but these jewels make every place more beautiful. High on my list of Favorite Things.



SEA FOAM oil on linen 12 x 12″ available


The delicate hem of the waves, torn away and left stranded on the strand…

Not my soap this time, just the remains of the foam from the wave break. I read that here in San Diego, that foam is likely to be from the kelp that grows in huge forests offshore and gives off protein-rich agar and other goodies into our seas. That organic matter gets churned up with the motion of the waves, and makes that frothy, ephemeral edging.

Just the surf, dressing itself in homemade, iridescent lace.



Ripple and Shadow oil on linen 24 x 24″ available


Tourmaline Beach is often striped by sparkly black ripples (the children of wind or tide? Probably both.) My soap bubbles rode the wind, dragging their dark-ringed shadows along those ridgy zebra stripes, and gently settled into the tide line. There, they clung to the wet sand for a remarkably long time before exploding into showers of drops.

But oh! Those rainbow shadows! Who knew something that transparent would make such a substantial shadow? The skin of soap that makes the air bag that is a bubble must be remarkably thick, despite its delicacy.

Funny how much you see when you narrow your focus and take time. I love that. I learn so much from each painting; I learn to see all over again.

Here’s looking at you, World. It’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship.



Pelican2 oil on canvas 24 x 36″ available

On Moonlight Bay (well, Mission Bay, but where’s the romance in that?) oil on canvas 24 x 36″ available

Talk about nostalgia! This terrific show is the most serendipitous thing that’s happened to me for a while: As part of the celebration of the centennial of San Diego’s Balboa Park (and “The Panama Exposition” that occasioned the development of our famous park), The San Diego History Center reassembled a show of San Diego Landscapes that appeared at the 1915 expo, and there they hang once more. I mentioned this to my mother recently, and she told me something I never knew: that her parents came to San Diego to spend their honeymoon at The Panama Exposition. I got all goosebumpy, knowing that my grandparents had seen this very art show on that honeymoon trip. And here I am exhibiting my work right next to it… .

Noel-Baza Fine Art, formerly a brick and mortar gallery in Little Italy, has taken up residence as a sales gallery in the History Center, and are exhibiting a sister show of contemporary views of San Diego. My two pieces above are just a couple of the many they are showing. I am in the wonderful company of a big group of excellent San Diego artists:

Eric Blau
Warren Beach
Bronle Crosby
Wade Cline
Theresa Donche
Ethel Greene
Larry Groff
Will Gullette
Linda Kardoff
Carol Lindemulder
Andrew Marino
Brad Maxey
Bhavna Mehta
Kathleen Mitchell
Alan Morrow
Gail Ohyama
Alison Haley Paul
Kim Reasor
Paul Strahm
Lynn Susholtz
Julie Warren
Duke Windsor
Leah Younker

Truly a bit of history, and some lovely, exciting painting. If you haven’t made plans to help celebrate our city’s jewel of a park, this is a great excuse. It’s a diverse eyeful of places you will recognize and appreciate differently after seeing them through these artists’ eyes – from the perspective of then, and of now.


Balboa Park Centennial Celebration (1915 – 2015) San Diego History Center Casa De Balboa, 1649 El Prado, Suite #3 San Diego, CA 92101 Daily hours: Mon. – Sun., 10 – 5 for all of 2015



UP oil on canvas 48 x 24″ available

I dearly love bubbles. I have spent heaven-only-knows how many hours wandering aimlessly, bubble wand in hand, sticky with bubble juice, blowing ever bigger airy globes, and giggling like the kid I was.

Fast forward an indecent number of decades… and there we were in the park, sticky with bubble juice, alternately fanning and blowing this jiggly giant to make it drift, and giggling like silly kids. One minute, the breeze felled our latest iridescent progeny, forcing it down to the prickly grass. The next minute, stillness allowed the bubble to float and soar (a situation devoutly to be wished). Caught this one just before it sailed away to meet its end in the canopy above. In that moment, it was ready for its close-up, and my Mr. De Mille, pal Jenny, caught it in just the right light, from its good side. A star is born… !