Eggs Feathers Series


Nests are an intricate basketry, and instinctive architecture: hearth, cradle, and sanctuary.
Is there anything more full of promise than an egg? All that potential is warmed by parents’ clever clothing:
feathers that fly and shield, down that holds heat.


DOWN UNDER oil on canvas 48 x 24″ available

IRIDESCENCE oil on canvas 48 x 24″ available

IN GOOD COMPANY oil on linen 16 x 12″ available

BACKYARD CHICKENS oil on linen 12 x 12″ SOLD

WHERE THE WIND TAKES ME oil on canvas 18 x 48″ available

BIRDS’ EYE VIEW oil on linen 18 x 24″ available

SUCCESS   oil on canvas 36 x 36″  SOLD


GENERATION B  oil on canvas 24″ x 24″  available


BLUES QUARTET  oil on canvas  27 x 18″   SOLD

3.5 MINUTES  oil on linen 24 x 24″  available


EYE OF THE STORM oil on canvas 36 x 36″  SOLD

FLIGHT FEATHER oil on canvas 36 x 48″  SOLD


SANDI’S NEST oil on linen 14″ x 14″  SOLD

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